Feeling bored? Try your luck with lawn bowls sport

When you look at it, it appears to be very methodical, slow, and thoughtful game. Its image consists of individuals from older age groups in white socks. This is definitely not something that a six-year-old would like to watch.

The movie called Crackerjack brought the sport in the limelight once again in 2002. The game is very simple, and rules are not as complicated as rocket science. Even six-year-old kids have mastered the techniques used in the lawn bowls.

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Sydney-based Paddington Bowls club’s instructor Patrick Henningham recently interacted with the BBC and shared some interesting insights about the game and new approach taken by bowls clubs to attract new members.

Bowls game is no more an old person’s game and most of the new players are between their 20s and 30s. You would easily be able to see young and a trendy crowd on the field these days.

Most of the clubs have got rid of rules related to wearing uniform and sweater vests. Boating shoes are no more compulsory.  You can also play barefoot.

Believe it or not, but some clubs also allow their players to enjoy a glass of beer while playing. This is definitely not the image about the game that comes in mind when people hear the two words-lawn bowls.

People wear casual, summer dresses, and outfits that offer relaxing feeling on the field.  Sunglasses, shorts are also absolutely normal.

If you do not believe this, you can simply visit the lawn bowls club in your town and watch those lucky members play the game, chat, and enjoy at the same time.  You can even buy specially designed colorful t-shirts, shorts, footwear, trousers and polo shorts designed for the game. The Bowlers Barn is one of the websites that sell such products; you can visit the site and read the description for various products.