Experiencing The Joys Of A Safari

Do you want to ride the dunes? Just imagine, being strapped in a vehicle and laughing in excitement and sheer joy as the SUV glides across the dunes in angles you would have never thought you will ever experience. As the sun’s rays hit the sands and they look like they are on fire and for an instance you believe you are driving in the midst of a blaze so you are caught in the middle of excitement and amazement at the beauty unraveling around you.

Doesn’t it sound amazing? I bet you it does. A morning desert safari is so exciting and will always make you catch your breath. Other than the fact that the dunes look magnificent as the sunlight makes it look like golden pyramids, you would have so many things to experience. You can have a taste of the real Arabian culture. You can sit on the cushions and indulge in the rustic food of the Arabian cuisine; grilled meats dressed in an array of vegetables native to the country, and drink true Arabic coffee and taste all those delicious syrupy sweets.  The beauty of the food is its simplicity. You do not have grand, highly decorated meals. There is no pannacotta or soufflés. It is just simple Arabian food served the Arabian way on metal plates and cutlery that will make you believe you are in a different century. As you are savoring the food, native Arabian music would soothe you and calm you down.

If you wish to engage in more adventurous sports in a desert safari you can do so. You can go outside to the desert where they will have quad bikes you can ride across the sand. The excitement you would feel as the wind strokes your skin and pushes your hair back and the sun warms your face while you ride the bike over the dunes and feel the sand rain on you is unparalleled. There is a joy in experiencing the simple things in life. Of course a quad bike is not that simple but just riding across the golden sand as you see the sky crystal clear above you is just beautiful.  The beautiful blue of the sky above and the golden sand below you would probably mesmerize you enough to stop the bike and just gaze at the world around you; a world dressed in blue and gold.

So if you wish to be part of an experience that you will never forget then go on a safari. The experience would be something that will capture your breath and open your mind.